Selected city reports require entry of the percentage of the space that is identified as common or tenant area.

For each of the Use Types entered for a building, enter the percentage of space that is identified as a Common Area. The Audit Template will automatically assign the remaining area as Tenant space to sum the total to 100%.

Enter ‘0’ if the selected Use Type does not include a common area, or if the area is unknown. If a Common Area value has been entered, values for the total area or percent served for all Lighting , HVAC System , and Service Hot Water System entries must be entered.

Common Area: area that is not considered to be a dwelling unit or tenant area (as defined below). Common areas commonly include egress corridors, egress stairwells, elevators, lobbies, public restrooms, janitorial closets, shared amenities, mechanical or electrical rooms containing equipment that is owned and operated by the building owner.

Tenant Area: area of a dwelling unit, usable square footage of a leased space, or space occupied by the owner that would otherwise be leased by a tenant. Tenant areas commonly include apartments, office space, private (tenant only) storage, private (tenant only) restrooms, private (tenant only) janitorial closets, and mechanical or electrical rooms containing equipment that serves and is operated by the tenant in the leased space, separate from all other base building mechanical or electrical equipment.

In buildings where the common area serves multiple use types (for example, a mechanical room in the basement which serves the entire building or the building entrance lobby which is used by all use types in the building), the common area square footage will be attributed to the predominant use type in the building.