A table to display and summarize the average annual energy use and cost for all energy exported from the building site will be available in this section. The totals entered here will be used to calculate the Building EUI and the Site EUI that are displayed in the Existing Building EUI/ECI table. 

The table will include the exported energy types defined in the Available Energy Supply Sources section, if selected.  These types may include exported thermal energy, electricity, other metered, or other delivered energy. 

Annual energy use totals from data entered into the Metered and Delivered energy tables will not be automatically calculated and displayed here.   Average annual use and annual cost data for exported energy will need to be manually entered.  Select the Save/Refresh button, and the total amount of energy used (in thousands BTU) and the average annual cost will be summed and displayed.

Note:  The average annual use for Exported Thermal and Other energy types must be entered in kBtu.  For guidance on converting from values in units other than kBtu, see the Thermal Energy Conversions Technical Reference document available from Energy Star Portfolio Manager.