Shared HVAC systems may be entered and linked among buildings in a BBL for Heating Plants, Cooling Plants, and Condenser Plants.  For plants that serve more than one building in a BBL, add the Plant and associated components in one building, then link to this plant when editing the HVAC section of the other buildings that are served by the plant.  Only enter shared HVAC equipment that is physically located on the BBL property that is being edited.  Do not enter equipment that is shared across multiple properties, and is not located on the BBL property, except for District plants.

Example: For a BBL property with 5 buildings using steam heat from a single central boiler located on the property, create a Heating Plant in building #1 with Steam Boiler selected as the Heating Plant Type. Edit the HVAC section of the other 4 buildings, select the blue ‘Link BBL Heating Plant’ button, and select the plant created for building #1 from the pull down menu.  

Note:  In this example, if the steam used by the buildings was generated from a district heating plant located off the property, than District Steam should be selected as the Heating Plant Type. 

After linking, the BINs of the buildings selected as sharing the plant will be displayed on screen and in the audit report for reference:

To remove a link to a plant for the current building, select the black ‘X’ icon. The plant may be edited or deleted for the entire property by selecting the edit or trash button from within any building on the property.