Federal Energy and Water Audit Reports include organizational hierarchy categories and subcategories of property, site and facility inputs which may be used to identify a property to start an audit report entry, filter existing building reports, and create access control rules for viewing and/or editing existing reports.

A Real Property Unique ID (RPUID) number is needed to start an audit report entry. Federal property administrators may upload reference property data tables, such as U.S. Army Headquarters Installation Information System (HQIIS) tables, (create and link to an Admin HQIIS page) which include RPUID numbers. After entering an RPUID, several property input fields will be prepopulated into the report as outlined below.

Users who have been granted appropriate permissions may add new audit report entries, and/or view and edit existing reports.

Start an Audit Report

  1. Enter a known RPUID number - If the number is recognized, a ‘checkmark’ should be visible, and the green ‘Start Audit Report’ button should be available to select
  2. Select the green ‘Start Audit Report’ button
  3. Select the prompted link for the RPUID entered above.
  4. Update auto populated fields - Most of the visible fields on the resulting New Audit Report popup screen will have been populated from the HQIIS table(s) which had been previously uploaded into the tool. These inputs may be edited and updated as needed.
  5. Enter a City and State
  6. Select green ‘Create Building’ button

Organizational Hierarchy

The available inputs on the New Audit Report popup screen and the Building Information screen which follows, include a 6-level hierarchy to describe the organizational hierarchy for a federal building as outlined in the table below. These input fields are mapped from HQIIS table fields headings as noted, but also contain available property content for other agencies, such as the Department of Energy (DOE).

#Federal Field NameHQIIS Table Field NameExample 1Example 21Example 3
3Sub Agency - Sub Level 1Accountable Organization NameIMCOMARMY RESERVEDOE-SC
4Sub Agency - Sub Level 2Accountable Sub Organization NameREADINESSARMY RESERVEDOE-SC
5FacilityInstallation NameFort Bragg63rd Readiness DivisionPacific Northwest National Laboratory
6Facility - Sub Level 1Site NameCamp DawsonAlbuquerque 2 Wet SitePacific Northwest National Laboratory

Filter Existing Audit Reports

Make selections from any or all of the three filter pull down options to filter building audit reports that have been entered in your account for easy viewing and access. Filter options include:

Organizational Hierarchy – Enter text to search for and display properties by any of the six organizational hierarchy categories listed in the table above. As you type, filter option selections by category begin to appear. For example, if you type ‘DOD’, you may select to filter all DOD building audit reports in your account, or if you type ‘Fort Detrick,’ you may select to filter all buildings in your account from Facility – Sub Level 1 that match that Site Name.

Ownership – Select Mine to display all buildings that have been created by you. Select Shared to display buildings created and owned by others and shared with you. The default view is All, which displays all of the buildings you have access to.

Status – Select to display buildings with audit reports that have been submitted (Submitted), or are incomplete or are in edit mode (Editing).

Start/End Date – Select to display buildings within a range of dates according to the Date Type filter selection.

Status – Select to display buildings within the entered date range and according to the drop down selections (Date of Audit Completion or Site Visit; building Created, Last Modified, or Submitted)

Reset Filters – Select the Reset Filters link to return the full display of your buildings.

If accessible buildings are not found with the desired filter selections, the Buildings table will display a ‘no data available in table’ notice.

CTS Spreadsheet Export

Federal Energy and Water Audit Report data may be exported to a spreadsheet compatible with the Compliance Tracking System (CTS) for Federal building evaluations. To do so, check a box (or boxes) next to the building audit report (s) that you wish to export, and select the blue ‘With Selection’ button. Then choose one of the following options:

Download All Facilities in one CTS Evaluation Upload Template – select to download and display data for all of the building audit reports that had been selected, grouped with data summed by Facility.

Download All Buildings in one CTS Evaluation Upload Template – select to download and display data for all of the building audit reports that had been selected as separate rows in the spreadsheet.

Selected buildings or facilities should appear in a downloaded .xlsx file.