Federal Energy and Water Audit Reports include organizational hierarchy categories and subcategories of property, site and facility inputs which may be used to identify a property to assign permissions for Audit Template account users to create new building audit reports, and to view and/or edit existing reports. Federal property administrators who have been granted Federal Audit Report content access by Audit Template tool admins may create access control rules to assign and monitor these permissions.


A "permission" is an approval of a mode of access to an audit report in the Audit Template tool. The following permissions may be approved:


Audit report is listed in "Audit Template Buildings" screen; Audit report can be downloaded in all supported formats.

2EditUn-submitted audit report can be edited.
3DeleteAudit report can be deleted
4ConvertAudit report can be converted from Audit Template to Asset Score.
5SubmitUn-submitted audit report can be submitted.
6ReopenSubmitted audit report can be reopened (e.g., for editing and resubmission).

Adding Access Control Rules

Role based access control rules may be added to assign permissions to user accounts to access subsets of buildings that are matched by the rule. Property administrators may assign permissions to other Audit Template users who have been added as contacts (see Manage > My Contacts).

To add rules:

  1. Select Federal > Manage Access Control Rules from the top menu bar
  2. Select the green ‘Add a Rule’ button
  3. Enter a name for the rule
  4. Assign access permissions (see chart above for definitions)
  5. Create a rule (see symbols below and example rules below)
  6. Add users to apply the rule to – select the blue Add User button and select available user contacts from the drop-down list.
  7. Select the green Create Rule button

Rule symbols

The following symbols have been associated with organizational hierarchy fields and may be used when creating rules.

1RPUIDReal Property Unique ID (RPUID)
2AFederal Agency
3SAFederal Sub Agency
4SA1Federal Sub Agency - Sub Level 1
5SA2Federal Sub Agency - Sub Level 2
6FFederal Facility
7F1Federal Facility - Sub Level 1

Example Rules

1Energy ManagerF = "Fort Bragg"YYYYYY
3Agency LevelSA1 = "IMCOM"YYYYYY
4ContractorRPUID IN ("10001", "10002", "10003")YYNNYN