After all of the energy audit data has been entered for your building, use this section to submit a completed audit report to city officials associated with the Report Type selected on the Building Information screen, by following the steps below.

  • Review building inputs for accuracy.  Address any issues marked with a warning icon.

Fields required for city reporting must be completed before an audit report may be submitted.  Incomplete fields will result in a warning icon displayed in the toolbar and the headings of the associated input sections: 

  • Add additional comments for submission. Notes, comments or special instructions for city officials may be added in the memo field on this screen.
  • Download audit reports for your records. An XML, CSV, or PDF report containing the building inputs entered for your records may be downloaded by selecting the yellow Download button. 
  • Upload attachments if applicable. Attachments may include images or pdf files that may emphasize or clarify entries such as HVAC Systems, or other sections of the report. Some Cities may require the submission of additional forms along with the Audit report. Select the blue “Add Attachment” button to upload and submit along with the audit report to the City.
  • Select the “Submit to City” button to submit a completed audit report to city officials associated with the selected Report Type. Once the building has been submitted, the City will be notified that audit report files are available to download. Users will also receive a confirmation email and may download the same files for their own records.

Once a building has been submitted, it will be locked for editing. A notice will appear on the City Submission screen referencing the city the report was submitted to, the submission id, date of submission, and version number. Submitted reports may be viewed by selecting yellow Download button.

Audit Report buildings that have submitted reports to cities will be identified as Submitted with a check mark icon on the Asset Score Buildings Grid View page and listed as Submitted in the Status column on the Asset Score Buildings List View page.

Users may unlock the building to edit and resubmit if necessary by selecting the ‘Edit Your Building’ link from the City Submission page, or by selecting ‘Reopen’ from the drop down menu available on the upper right of the building Audit Report image on the main Buildings page. Notes may be added in the ‘Additional comments for submission’ field to inform the city of revisions made since the last submission. These comments are sent to the City along with the latest version of the building submitted. City officials may access all submissions for a building.

A table listing the history of submitted audit reports for a building is available by selecting the View link in the History column of the Asset Score Buildings List View page.

Audit Template report version numbers will begin with ‘0’ for the first submission, and will increase by +1 every time a report is submitted, edited and re-submitted.  The date and version of the most recent submitted report is viewable from both the Submission Information screen and the building Submission History.