Federal property administrators who have been granted Federal Audit Report content access by Audit Template tool admins ‘may upload U.S. Army Headquarters Installation Information System (HQIIS) tables which may be used to pre-populate organizational hierarchy fields in Federal Energy and Water Audit Reports.

To upload HQIIS tables:

  1. Select Federal > Manage HQIIS Table Uploads from the top menu bar
  2. Select the green ‘Upload HQIIS Table’ button
  3. Select the Federal Energy and Water Audit Report type
  4. Select the Choose File button and select an appropriate .xlsx file
  5. Select the blue Upload HQIIS Table button

Uploaded files will be available in a table format and may be selected to either re-download, or to display a list of the RPUID numbers found in the uploaded file. Property data may be displayed for easy reference by selecting either the RPUID number link to view data in a row the file contents in a table, or the ‘Click to show/hide data’ to view data in a single column.

Individual HQIIS building entries or buildings in bulk may be deleted by selecting the ‘gear’ icon and the ‘Delete Table Upload’ or Delete HQIIS Building options.