How Does the Asset Score Compare to EPA Portfolio Manager?

The Asset Score is intended to be complementary to Portfolio Manager. An ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager score enables the comparison of buildings based on their energy consumption, as indicated by actual energy bills. The Portfolio Manager score reflects the energy efficiency of a building’s physical structure and its systems, as well as how efficiently it is operated and maintained.


The Asset Score reflects the energy efficiency of a building based solely on its design, construction, and energy systems. The Asset Score normalizes for operational and occupancy factors, enabling users to identify specific opportunities to invest in energy upgrades. Using both tools gives users powerful information that can inform both energy upgrades and improvements in building operations.


Sometimes we are asked if the EUI (kBtu/ft2) value provided by the Asset Scoring Tool can be directly compared to the EUI number derived from ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, however these EUI values are not directly comparable. The EUI provided by the Asset Scoring Tool reflects modeled energy use under standard operating conditions; the EUI derived from Portfolio Manager is measured energy use under actual operating conditions.


Additional information is included in the Asset Score Program Overview and Technical Protocol:


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