Asset Score vs ASHRAE Level 1 Audit

The final output of Asset Score has lots of information. 

Can you list the differences between the Asset Score Report and an ASHRAE Level 1 Audit?

I'm using the Asset Score as the second phase of a multi-step process.

By the time the Asset Score report is generated, the building has already had a thorough site survey and utility benchmarking.

When I consolidate all this information I think it is essentially an ASHRAE Level 1 Audit I've created (the only missing piece I see is estimated savings from utility rate change).

Feedback on this assertion would be appreciated!

Hi Martin,

This is a good question which is difficult to answer until consensus is reached on the definition of an ASHRAE level 1 audit. The formalized definition of an ASHRAE level 1 audit (as well as level 2 & 3 audits) is currently under debate as part of the development of the proposed ASHRAE/ACCA standards 211P. The draft of this standard is currently available for public comment until September 16, 2016. Comments can be accessed from the given link:

The consensus of the committee to date has been to include/incorporate all elements of the asset score building description into minimum requirements for reporting the results for level 2 audit. The committee also agrees that the asset score tool itself doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for savings calculations necessary for a level 2 audit. However, the asset score tool is able to export an openstudio model which could be further manually manipulated to meet these requirements. Keeping in mind these requirements have yet to be defined as standard is still under development.

Hope it helps,


Harshul Singhal

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