Release Version 2.2.0


Release 2.2.0

New Features

  • Added Fuel Oil and Propane fuel type options for Boiler Plant Types and Furnaces 
  • Added District Steam option for District Plant Types 

Simulation Infrastructure Improvements and Fixes

  • Added enhancement to infiltration modeling  
  • Corrected an issue with infiltration through top plenums 
  • Updated the Data Collection Forms to reflect new fuel type options 

Expected Score Changes

  • The enhancement to infiltration modeling may result in a 0.5 point score change for previously scored buildings. 

Asset Score API

  • Added beta version of Asset Score API for Preview Input Mode buildings 
  • New API includes documentation, including available input value options for fields used in Preview Input Mode buildings 

Future Updates


• Add capability to model ground source heat pump (GSHP) HVAC systems 

• Add capability to model heat pump water heaters

• Implement a revised approach for modeling slab-on-grade floors and below-grade walls using F and C factors

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