Release Version 3.2.2

New Features

  • Implemented a revised approach for modeling slab-on-grade floors and below-grade walls using F and C factors
  • Added the capability to select and enter F Factor thermal properties for slab-on-grade floors
  • Restricted the wall type selection to Brick/Stone on Masonry - Below Grade Walls for below ground blocks
  • Added the capability to select and enter C Factor thermal properties for below grade walls
  • Updated the R Value data entry field from open text to a pull-down menu of pre-defined options for Walls and Floors
  • Implementation the creation of an audit data report pdf file for the audit data reporting platform   

Simulation Infrastructure Improvements and Fixes

  • Updated the Data Collection Forms and Users Guide to reflect the addition of the F Factor and C Factor thermal property options for floors and walls
  • Backend system improvements for administrators

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