Release 2018.1.0


New Features

  • Added live version of the Audit Template, an audit data reporting feature. Access to this feature no longer requires beta access permission
  • Added the capability to attach documents, such as signed audit certificates, to audit report submittals in the Audit Template
  • Updated the HVAC Systems Distribution Equipment input options in the HVAC screen of the Audit Template to include a separate section for ventilation systems. Air supply and exhaust location fields were added for New York City reports
  • Removed the Building Location Specifications section from the Audit Template
  • Added the capability to allow user entered data for annual energy use by energy source, and a check box to toggle this capability with calculated values from monthly energy use in the Audit Template
  • Added a section in the Utility Data and Benchmarking of the Audit Template for a user to identify the available energy supply sources in a building
  • Added a user confirmation email capability for submitted buildings in the Audit Template

Simulation Infrastructure Improvements and Fixes

  • Corrected an issue with the toolbar in the Audit Template which was not advancing screens for open tabs in selected browsers
  • Updated Audit Template User Guide to include instructions and guidance for recent updates to fields, sections, and capabilities in New York City reports

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