Score won't generate

Hello. Okay, so maybe this tool isn't supported any longer, but I just spent an hour uploading all my data so here goes an attempt to get help.

I'm trying to help a community center submit an application for a decarbonization grant. Deadline next Tuesday. As part of their energy assessment, I need to model the recommendations. I cannot generate a score for the building. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've assigned a primary HVAC system to all 3 building blocks. There is no cooling for this building. The score won't generate because I'm getting an error that each block needs a primacy HVAC system. (I've done that.) When I open the alerts, the error message is that no cooling has been assigned to the building blocks. That's correct. There is no cooling. I'm stuck and can't get any further. Help is appreciated. Please see screenshots. Thank you! - Marcy 

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